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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Dallas, TX?

September 26, 2023
How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Dallas, TX?

If you are looking to have your carpets deep cleaned, you might be researching your local pros. One of the first concerns you may have is considering the cost of carpet cleaning. Read on to know how much an expert carpet cleaning can cost you in Dallas, TX.

On average, a deep carpet cleaning can cost lie anywhere between $120 to $245 with an average cost of $180.

However, this is just an approximate estimation. Every property in Dallas is different so your carpet’s cleaning requirement will also vary, which ultimately affects the overall cost.

Factors Affecting The Carpet Cleaning Cost in Dallas

⇒ How many carpeted rooms are to be cleaned?

You can be charged based on either the number of carpeted rooms you need to clean or the area to be covered. If a professional in Dallas charges a flat rate by room, the cost will increase with the number of rooms. Carpets in residences are generally charged by rooms.

General Price range: $75 to $125 per room

⇒ How much area is to be cleaned?

If you have large rooms and huge carpeted areas to be cleaned, the cost of carpet cleaning in Dallas will be based on square footage.

Charging by area is common for commercial carpets where the area is large and is measured to estimate the overall cost.

General Price range: $0.18 and $0.42 per square foot

⇒ What is the type of carpet?

Carpets come in varying types. But the way it affects the carpet cleaning cost is every type needs different care while cleaning. Some carpets are dirt and stain-resistant and are easy to clean.

However, some with long fibers trap more dirt and require more effort to clean. This will need specialized solutions for their type along with varying efforts, which can affect the cost of carpet cleaning in Dallas.

⇒ How far is your location?

If your home in Dallas is located in a distant location, the cleaning technicians will have to travel a long way to reach you. It will add up in the total cost and you may have to pay a few extra bucks.

⇒ How soiled are your carpets?

Carpet cleaning pricing can also indirectly be affected by the condition of your carpets. If your carpets are, for instance, heavily soiled or have too many stubborn stains, the experts may have to use extra solutions and labor to remove them.

If there are any stubborn pet odors to be removed, this may come at an additional cost starting at $20.00 per area depending on the stain.

Additionally, they may also provide stain protection for your carpets after deep cleaning which can add to the total prices.

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