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Amazing Facts For Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood adds to the beauty of the floors. It gives a contemporary look to any place it is laid upon. Adding to the fact, beauty demands maintenance and so do the hardwood floors.
Dirt, mud, and foot traffic fade away the gloss of the floor. Regular dusting and mopping are helpful, but deep cleaning ensures proper maintenance and longevity.

There are amazing facts on commercial hardwood floor cleaning. Let’s have a look at them.

Facts on Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaning

1. Sustainable

Hardwood is a naturally renewable resource and can sustain for a long time. The installation is less water and energy-consuming which makes it more environment-friendly.

2. Better Air Quality

Allergens, pollen, dander, and other microorganisms do not take refuge in the wood floors. This keeps the worries of allergies away and a healthy place to live in as compared to having carpets on the floors.

3. Increase In Resale Value

The hardwood floors are easy to maintain and last longer adding to the value of the commercial space. If thinking about investing for resale, then having hardwood floors can be an advantage.

4. Variety In Design

With a wide variety of designs for hardwood floors, you can choose different styles of floors for your office. You can have meeting rooms having different themes.

5. Make It Big

The wide wooden planks make your rooms appear bigger. This gives the illusion of a larger space. So, if you want to make small rooms look larger, a hardwood floor is a good choice.

Commercial Cleaning Of Hardwood Floors

Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services Dallas

Maintaining the hardwood floors can be easier than thought. With heavy foot traffic, regular commercial hardwood floor cleaning is essential. Here are a few things to know to take care of your floors.

1. Do Not Overuse Water

Avoid using over soaked mops, rather a damp one would clean better and more importantly dry faster. Having too much water can damage the hardwood floors.

2. Avoid Chemical Cleaners

Use a pH-balanced cleaner to clean the floors. The chemical cleaners can fade away the polish and become dull over time.

3. Use Right Tools

Using a vacuum cleaner, damp mop, and dust mop can do all the work that is required for commercial hardwood floor cleaning.

Think Professional!

Commercial cleaning is a regular task and needs to be attended on a daily basis. So, if you are thinking about reviving your commercial hardwood floors, hiring a professional cleaner would be advisable.

Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning and Restoration can help your office revamp your hardwood floor. We have a complete hardwood floor cleaning service that will enhance the look of your floors.

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