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Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Dallas TX

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When we think of long-lasting and low maintenance flooring, we think of hardwood flooring. With its elegant and warm looks, it adds character and charm to the interior of your house. Since hardwood flooring is highly durable, it is a popular option for flooring in commercial buildings with high foot traffic.

While Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning & Restoration help you clean the hardwood floor well and remove all its impurities. As a reputed cleaning and restoration service provider, we understand the objectives and requirements of our clients well.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Dallas
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Study Our Prime Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

Learn here the Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning & Restoration premier cleaning process to enhance the appearance of hardwood flooring is:

  • Pre-Inspection of the Hardwood Floor: Before our team of cleaners starts the cleaning process, they inspect the floor for any damages. After which they select the optimal cleaning process for your hardwood floor.
  • Clearing Off the Space: Once we select the cleaning process, our cleaners clear off all the furniture, carpets, etc., from the room.
  • Pre-Vacuuming: We clean off all the loosely settled dust and dirt from the flooring with the help of a truck-mounted vacuum.
  • Advanced Cleaning: We perform a thorough cleaning of the hardwood flooring with the help of standard-grade equipment and cleaning solutions.
  • Drying Process: Once the cleaning process is done, we mop down the floor to dry it off quickly. We also use fans to fasten the drying process.
  • Post-Inspection: The whole process ends with the post-inspection of the hardwood floor by our cleaners to check if they have missed out on any spots or stains.
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Is your hardwood floor looking dull, old, and dusty? Revamp the look of your hardwood floor at Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. Our trained hardwood floor cleaning specialists provide exceptional cleaning services in Dallas, TX.

We also provide other integrated cleaning services like carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet odor removal, air duct cleaning, power washing, and water damage restoration. Call us at (972) 815 9695 to book our services today.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning - Before
Hardwood Floor Cleaning - After
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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Dallas