Our Guarantee


No rushing in and out of your house to get to the next job. We are NOT a Discount Speed Cleaner. We will take the time necessary to do the job properly. We want your return business. So we want your experience to be a pleasant one and not leave a bad taste in your mouth. We will do our best to do the best job for YOU.


No trying to talk you into buying services and products that you don’t want or need. Most carpet cleaners know that most stains DO NOT require expensive pretreating and will come out with the standard cleaning. This is just a way to raise the price for services that are supposed to be included in the price before even attempting to get the spots out with regular cleaning.

We always attempt to get it out first before discussing any further action. Rarely it is necessary. (example; Paint, ink, marker, makeup, grease, gum…)

Some services do require additional charges. These prices are clearly listed below so that YOU, not someone on commission, can decide what services you would like to have.

We rarely ever have any additional charges to get your carpet clean and ONLY with your prior approval. (example; Paint, ink, marker, makeup, grease, gum…)

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Most Prices Can Be Quoted on the Phone

Only to change if you should request additional areas or services. Usually, the only price difference is a result of misjudging the size of the room. We try to ask enough questions to give you as accurate a quote as possible over the phone.

If you have never had us clean your carpet using this process, you owe it to yourself, your carpet, and your wallet.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  • The BEST and MOST THOROUGH method for carpets that are moderate to heavily soiled is the Shampoo & Hot Water Extraction method.
  • THIS DUAL CLEANING PROCESS – Uses 2 Different Cleaning Machines and does 2X the cleaning job as steam cleaning or other bonnet cleaning methods.


This process actually uses two separate machines to clean the carpet instead of just one or the other. The SHAMPOO machine is to disperse the solution and agitate the carpet. It lifts the fibers up to clean below. It helps revive traffic areas where fibers have been packed down.

We use a soft brush and a neutral ph high-foam solution with carpet conditioners and deodorizers to leave the carpet soft and fresh after drying.

The high foaming action keeps the solution from running through the carpet and getting the pad wet. This method also gives the solution a lot more working time to break down the soil than steam cleaning or the extraction process alone.

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  • After the carpet has been Shampooed, the HOT WATER EXTRACTION machine is used with CLEAN HOT WATER to rinse the solution from the carpet taking all the dirt with it.
  • The Extraction machine removes most of the moisture from the carpet leaving it only barely damp.
  • The carpet fibers are then lifted up with a carpet groomer making it easier for the carpet to dry quickly. Most carpets are usually dry within 2 to 4 hrs., depending on the current climate.


Some say they are “shampoo carpet cleaners” but they are NOT Hot Water Extracting afterword to rinse. Or just doing Bonnet cleaning. They are only doing half the job that we do. And then expect you to believe that they can just vacuum the dirt & their chemicals out afterwords without rinsing with water.

THERE”S NO WAY! Not for a carpet that is actually dirty. If they add any chemicals to your carpet and get a carpet wet enough to really get it clean, then IT MUST BE RINSED with water to remove the solution. If not, it ALL gets left behind in your carpet. They can emulsify and spread out the soil so it looks clean. But if they don’t rinse it out and take it with them it’s still in your carpet. No dry vacuum cleaner is going to remove all that. That process is only effective for light surface cleaning.


Prices include:

All carpet cleaners are not created equal. At Steam pro carpet cleaning and Restoration we use powerful Truck Mounted equipment


Showed up last minute and did an amazing job would not recommend and one else and I’ve delt with a more then a few cleaners absolute amazing….

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I highly recommend Steam pro carpet cleaning My carpet and tile and grout floors look amazing in the price is very reasonable🤗🤗🤗🤗
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