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Classy Wooden Floors: Residential Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Wooden floors give a classy look to our homes. The floors have to go through a lot of foot traffic, and preventive measures can surely save them. The first step to this is cleaning.

The fact that you have been doing your best to maintain the floors, but you still feel that something is lacking. Then it’s time to rethink the strategy. Your lifestyle and the type of wood flooring demands different levels of cleaning.

The residential hardwood floor cleaning requires maintenance to keep them in proper condition. There are common ways in which you can take care of your floor.

How To Do Residential Hardwood Floor Cleaning?

Residential Hardwood Floor Cleaning Dallas

1. Use the Right Tools

Yes! Everyone knows the cleaning tools. A vacuum cleaner, mop, dish soap, and a microfiber cloth. Are we missing out on anything? You’ve got it all covered, don’t forget to use the mats at high accessible areas like the entrance.

2. Simple Process

  • Start from dry cleaning using a dry mop or vacuum cleaner.
  • Then use a mop with a solution of dish soap and water.
  • Drain out as much water as possible, so it can dry faster.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to buff the floor for that ultimate shine.

3. Deep clean

The surface cleaning is effective for cleaning the top layer of the hardwood floor. Deep cleaning requires professional hardwood floor cleaning.

The residential hardwood floor deep cleaning service providers follow a complete procedure. They make sure that the cleaning is done to prolong the life of the floor.

Best Residential Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services in Dallas

Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning and Restoration provides outstanding cleaning services in Dallas, TX. Our cleaning specialists follow a complete procedure to give you the best quality of work.

We provide high-level hardwood cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. Learn some interesting facts about commercial hardwood floor cleaning.

The pre-inspection of the hardwood floor, clearing off space, pre-vacuuming, advanced cleaning, drying process, and post-inspection are an integral part of the hardwood floor cleaning process.

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